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McDonald's Corporate News
Nov 15, 2018
The Happy Meal has been enjoyed by families around the world for decades, and just as every family around the world is different, our Happy Meal changes with them. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a McDonald’s restaurant or on-the-go, we want to do our p…

Chris Lee

General Manager, Harry & Hillside

Chris Lee is a newly transplanted General Manager from Wendy’s. When the local owner/operator sold his 38 stores, Chris decided it was time to make a change as well.

Chris worked at McDonald’s in North Carolina for a while, and joined Lane Enterprises in 2017. He started at South Rock where he stayed for almost six months before transferring to Harry and Hillside about five weeks ago.

Chris said for him it’s more the business side of McDonald’s that he is getting used to. When it comes to the employees however, it’s less about business and more about getting to know them.

“It can’t be business all the time, you have to let them know it is them doing the work. It’s more about them than me,” Chris said. “There are so many moving parts that you must have a good team to succeed.”

General Managers like Chris often find their motivation through their Supervisors. Des Penix is Chris’ Supervisors and he says she is always there for her.

“I love working for her. She is great and we communicate very well,” Chris said. “All you have to do is call her.”