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McDonald's Corporate News
Mar 14, 2019
  The “Where You Want To Be” campaign is McDonald’s new effort to help restaurant employees with their long-term career plans which includes a career advising service element offered through the company’s comprehensive education program,  Archways to Oppo…

Cita Navarette

Cita at Central & Tyler

For Cita Navarrete, McDonald’s is a family affair.

“I met my husband at the McDonald’s at 10th and Broadway and we got married right away, and we’ve been together ever since,” Cita said. “Even our two older kids work for McDonald’s!”

With McDonald’s so involved in their lives, Cita was excited when the Lanes purchased the Brend’s locations in early January and she currently works at the Central & Tyler location.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for advancement, and I’m happy to spend the time working with my managers to help them go further,” Cita said. “I also love that I see Justin and Jim every day. It really gets me going and reminds me to do my best.”

When the Cita is not working, she love attending basketball tournaments with for youngest child.