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McDonald's Corporate News
Mar 14, 2019
  The “Where You Want To Be” campaign is McDonald’s new effort to help restaurant employees with their long-term career plans which includes a career advising service element offered through the company’s comprehensive education program,  Archways to Oppo…

Dominic Garcia

General Manager, Belle Plaine

Dominic Garcia was such a great General Manager at Burger King, that he actually took sales away from the McDonald’s next door! That’s why the McDonald’s manager recruited him work for her in 2004.

Dominic Garcia was hired as a store manager in training and after six months, he was promoted to Assistant Manager at the 21st and Amidon location, but he didn’t stay there long. He hopped to several stores before finally landing at the Turnpike McDonald’s in Belle Plaine, KS, in July 2015.

“When you are running a turnpike McDonald’s, every day is different,” Dominic said. “You have regulars, but not many, so you don’t have the volume control you would in the city. It’s like a roller coaster where you know the ups, but not so much the downs.”

And that is just how Dominic prefers it. He does his best to motivate his staff and do everything he can to make the customers day different.

“I believe that if you are a good example to your staff, you can influence their behavior and therefore the interactions with the public,” Dominic said.

That goes hand in hand with the changes brought about by the new ownership.

“There is now a sense of urgency to put the customers first, so equipment is fixed faster and the employees are learning to go above and beyond for the customers, like bringing coffee to them and not try and rush them in and out,” Dominic said. “We are also working on our voice scores. I’m excited to represent the Lane McDonald’s brand.”

Dominic, who was born and raised in Mexico, moved to Kansas in 1995 and is married with three kids. Dominic says family comes first, but is also passionate about working out.