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McDonald's Corporate News
Dec 11, 2018
As one of the world’s largest restaurant companies, McDonald’s has the opportunity to use our scale to tackle some of the most complicated challenges facing people, animals and our planet - and help drive industry-wide progress.   Today, McDonald’s is ann…

Jennifer Hartman

General Manager, Kellogg & Dugan

Most of you reading this probably already know who Jennifer Hartman is, because she has worked at so many different McDonald’s locations over the last 12 years.

If you do know her, you also know that she is a go-getter that started working at McDonald’s when she was 15, when you couldn’t go near the kitchen and your hours were limited. She worked at McDonald’s for years, but decided to take a brief hiatus from McDonald’s.

She quickly realized that McDonald’s was the right t for her, so she talked to Alexis, her General Manager, and she got her job back. Working her way back up the ranks, she made it back on the floor as a first assistant. It was then that she got some news.

“They broke the news that Alexis was going to be a supervisor and Irene was taking over K42 and they were going to move me to Seneca,” Jennifer said. “I spent almost three years there, then went to Ridge.”

While at the Ridge Road McDonald’s, she got more news. Tammy Glaze, the General Manager at Kellogg and Dugan, was leaving and they wanted her to take it over. She was surprised and excited.

“They had been nudging me and pushing me harder to get into the state of mind of a general manager,” Jennifer said. “In my mind, I’m a brand-new GM that is taking over a busy store – it was intimidating. I didn’t think I would be here, I figured they would put someone else in this position, but it worked out differently... it worked out better.”

Three months in, and things are going well.

“It’s intense – every day is a new challenge,” she said. “I love coming in and seeing all my customers and employees, they are really growing on me.”

As a new General Manager, Jennifer knows she still has a lot to learn, but she has found that what she needs to be successful is already inside her, she only needs to use it to her advantage.

“Before I started as the new General Manager, I actually took some time off so I could gather my thoughts and really spent time on me, because it is a big transition going from someone’s backup, to being the one in charge,” she said.

It was the support of those around her that enabled her to make this transition.

“All of the General Managers that I have worked under have always tried to build me up, and for me now, it’s passing my knowledge on to them,” Jennifer said. “That’s kind of where I had to change my thinking.”

Now that Jennifer has found her roots, what’s next?

“I’m seeing everything going up from here,” Jennifer said. “I know that I am going to make mistakes, and I really try hard to not let them get to me personally, but I know it is my responsibility to help gain trust and develop relationships with my team so we can do our jobs — serving our customers — successfully.”