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McDonald's Corporate News
Mar 14, 2019
  The “Where You Want To Be” campaign is McDonald’s new effort to help restaurant employees with their long-term career plans which includes a career advising service element offered through the company’s comprehensive education program,  Archways to Oppo…

Jim Fairchild

Director of Operations

There are many veteran McDonald’s employees at Lane Enterprises, but there is only one Jim Fairchild. Recently promoted to Director of Operations for Robert Lane’s locations, Jim was the first General Manager Robert ever acquired as a result of purchasing a restaurant from another owner/operator.

It was 1995 when Jim met Robert Lane, but he already had 12 years under his belt at the McDonald’s at Taft and West St. If you know Jim, you’ll understand why he has continued to push the envelope and help grow Lane Enterprises.

“What drives me is helping the younger supervisors to understand and meet their goals,” Jim said. “Teaching, coaching, it’s always been my role and in this position, Justin Wilson and Desiree Penix are good examples of why I am proud to work for McDonald’s.”

If you ever get a chance, ask Jim why he really loves working at McDonald’s!