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McDonald's Corporate News
Jun 7, 2019
  McDonald’s customers expect and trust that, no matter where they are in the world, McDonald's food is safe for them and their families. This trust is one reason that food safety is McDonald's number one priority and a core part of our mission - to serve…

Justin Wilson


Looking at Justin in his element, you’d think he was born to be a McDonald’s Supervisor. His demeanor, his appearance, his work ethic, they are examplary of his dedication to McDonald’s and to Lane Enterprises.

Justin joined us March 9, 2015 and was honored with the Outstanding Store Manager award last summer. His career has been on fast track since he started, having started at Central and Hillside, then managing 53rd and Meridian, Hydraulic, and Tyler locations before being promoted to Supervisor in December.

“I am looking forward to leading others and helping them find their potential,” Justin said. “Wth multiple restaurants, I know I can have an impact on multiple restaurants. It’s also exciting to show our employees how their positions impact us as a whole. “

Justin has a drive inside him that helps him succeed.

“I am passionate about people and McDonald’s and I want everynone to be excited about what they are doing and what we can do together as a company.”