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Leesa Jacobs

General Manager at Kellogg & Dugan

Lessa’s McDonald’s career started at the K-42 location when she was 17 years old, with then crew members, Alexis and Irene. After a couple of years and the birth of her second kid, she decided she wanted a new challenge. She received her Associates degree in Applied Sciences from Wichita Area Technology College and began a career as a dental technician. She spent six years in the field, but when Alexis asked her to come back, she said yes. After a brief stint as an assistant at 21st and Ridge, Leesa took over Kellogg & Dugan in April 2018.

The store has developed in a short time period, according to Leesa. Drive thru times are better, they are doing more training and people are excited about the progress.

“This is a better job than health care,” Leesa said. “I am working on making sure we are performing our best.”

Since Leesa has known the Lane organization for many years, she can attest to what it means to be a Lane employee.

“They really care about your home life,” Leesa said. “Every day they ask me what I need and how they can help me to succeed. They point things out that I don’t see, because they have the experience.”

Currently Leesa is empowering her team to be as good when she is there, as when she is not. When Leesa is not working, she enjoys time with her two boys, ages 8 and 6.