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Sep 14, 2018
  McDonald’s is celebrating history, heritage and legacy at HBCU Football Classics across the country as part of its True to the HBCU program. The 2018 HBCU Classics season kicked off in Memphis at the 29 th Annual Southern Heritage Classic between Tennes…

Markazia Block

General Manager, North Broadway

Markazia Block was an amazing Assistant Manager in Derby and was promoted to General Manager of the N. Broadway McDonald’s on Jan. 22, 2018.

She said working alongside Supervisor Martha Avila is what helped her prepare for her current role.

“She really pushed me to be a General Manager,” Markazia said. “If I had not worked for her, I wouldn’t be here. I really appreciate the opportunity.”

The restaurant, which was part of the recent acquisition from the Brends, is in the process of making a lot of changes.

“I’m really working with the staff on being EcoSure ready, controlling refunds and over rings,” Markazia said. “We started 24 hours a day on March 1st too, so that’s really exciting.”

Even with the changes to come, business is picking up for breakfast and lunch. It’s something she notices not only because of the numbers can back it up, it’s because she is hands-on.

“The staff won’t see me sitting in the office unless I am doing work, because that isn’t me,” Markazia said. “I am on the floor because that’s who I am.”