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McDonald's Corporate News
Nov 15, 2018
The Happy Meal has been enjoyed by families around the world for decades, and just as every family around the world is different, our Happy Meal changes with them. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at a McDonald’s restaurant or on-the-go, we want to do our p…

Melita Bell

General Manager, Pratt

Lookout Pratt, KS, you’re next on the list for a completely new McDonald’s. More than 40 years old, the Pratt McDonald’s recently purchased by Joe Lane will be demolished in the spring and a new one will take its place.

It’s a blessing for the entire community, but to General Manager Melita Bell it is a dream come true. Although she has worked for McDonald’s in mid-Missouri for the last 34 years, this will be her first brand new restaurant. The bells and whistles that come with today’s new McDonald’s make the current restaurant seem antique, but despite the struggles, Melita has made it work.

“I am going to sit outside with a bottle of champagne when the bulldozers come,” Melita said. “It will be a breath of fresh air.”

Right away it was apparent that Joe Lane was going to be a different kind of owner.

“Employees are excited about new uniforms, especially the ties,” Melita said. “I’ve been able to hire more people, give people more hours, the equipment is getting fixed. It’s all very encouraging.”

It’s also a first for Joe Lane.

“This is my first endeavor into a non-metro location,” Joe said. “This provides me with the opportunity to connect to a community in a different way and meet people who have been coming here and see how impactful a newer facility will be in this town.”

Melita already knows her regulars, but now that she has an extra day off a week, she can attend church with her family. For her, that’s an opportunity to not only spend time with her family, it’s a time for her meet more people in the community and get to know them and the things that are important to the city. From runs to parades and McTeacher’s nights, Melita is excited to start doing more for the community.

“I am exited about meeting more people in the community, so they can put a face to McDonald’s,” Melita said. “That helps build trust and relationships that go beyond taking someone’s order.”