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Nick Rogers

General Manager, N. Broadway (Midtown)

Life for Nick Rogers has been pretty fast paced recently. Nick, our newest General Manager to take the reins at 10th and N. Broadway, moved to Wichita from Hutchinson more than 3 years ago and has been moving up in the ranks ever since.

His journey began at the Harry and Webb location and he advanced to kitchen manager before he was moved to the South Broadway location where he worked as an assistant. It was only two months ago that Nick was promoted to General Manager and is excited about the opportunity to grow with Lane Enterprises.

“I love the way the Lane’s run their business,” Nick said. “In this role I am working on seeing the bigger picture and Martha has shown me what we need to focus on and I know their expectations are within reach.”

Some of those expectations include hiring the right individuals. Michael Lane, owner/operator, is currently providing incentives to employees who find new hires, including a $100 bonus if the employees stays with McDonald’s beyond six months.

“It’s exciting to put a team in place so we can increase traffic through faster service and better customer service,” Nick said. “To do that, I need the right people.”

As for the future, Nick is anxiously awaking some new equipment that will come with a remodel in the coming years. In the meantime, he is excited to meet his second child.