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Ricardo & Margie Jimenez

GM, Walmart McDonald's and 47th & Bwy.

When Ricardo Jimenez and Margie met at McDonald’s 26 years ago, they had no idea they would dedicate a combined 55 years to the company.

That doesn’t even include the time their daughters have spent with McDonald’s. Some of you might be familiar with Victoria Ramirez, the General Manager at Ridge Road and Octavia and Tatiana at 47th and Broadway. It’s fair to say it’s a family affair.

“It was natural for them to gravitate towards McDonald’s,” Victoria said. “Sunday is family day, and work always comes up.”

The couple have tried to be positive role models on their kids and share what they love about McDonald’s.

“I love putting smiles on customers faces,” Margie said. “I have to stay busy, so a fast pace is a must. I like the structure that the Lanes have brought, as well as the availability and quick turn around on requests.”

“McDonald’s isn’t just about flipping burgers, it’s about the people,” Ricardo said. “I care about the employees, but the customers are the ones that pay us and they deserve the best.”

The couple was familiar with Lane Enterprises, especially with their Supervisor Des Penix.

“Des and I get along very well. I feel like we’ve grown together with McDonald’s,” Ricardo said. “A lot of the General Managers out there now used to work for me and that makes me feel like I have done something good.”