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Jul 10, 2019
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Sherry Darnall



If it were not for Robert Lane, Sherry Darnall would be a completely different person. In 1975 there was an ad in the newspaper looking for employees for the Ark City McDonald’s. It was a big deal for Ark City, and Sherry knew she wanted to be a part of it, so she arrived for the interview first thing in the morning, anxious to start her new career.

The hiring process was very relaxed, Sherry noted as she and the other interviewees walked into another room with a table where a 27-year-old Robert Lane sat ready to interview potential employees.

“It was more like going to someoneone’s house for lunch than for a job interview,” Sherry said. “We were introduced to the family and his wonderful dog Baron. I got the feeling right away that this employer was going to be different.”

Sherry started out as a cook, with an awesome team of women that ran the kitchen like clockwork. She stayed in Ark City until Robert opened the store in El Dorado in 1978 and became the General Manager about a year later. She remained the General Manager in El Dorado until she was promoted to Supervisor in 1999.

Today, she doesn’t really consider herself a Supervisor in the traditional sense.

“I don’t really know what my job title is now, because today I provide support to 40 restaurants,” Sherry said. “I take care of mostly maintenance, some payroll and employee staffing and manage the vendors who take care of our buildings.”

This role is what makes Sherry unique to Lane Enterprises, because she is one of only a handful employees that interact with each and every McDonald’s.

“I have a connection with all of the General Managers because I am there to help them meet the challenge of keeping their store in working order,” Sherry said. “If their equipment is down, they need someone they can call right away to get it fixed. That person is me.”

Sherry says the General Managers in our organization are the best in the businesses, but maintaining restaurants is not easy. Most individuals would find it difficult to keep everything straight without going crazy, but not Sherry.

“Some might call it crazy, but it’s a passion. It’s something that you just do – it’s in your blood,” Sherry said. “It also helps that I am very meticulous and organized, and that I know what it’s like to be in their shoes.”

Most individuals also don’t realize the impact Robert has had on McDonald’s and Lane Enterprises.

“Robert is the closest thing to Ray Kroc that I’ve ever seen,” Sherry said. “My passion comes from him. His expectations became my expectations and I knew that good things would come because of that. I owe him a great 40 years of life, because without him I wouldn’t be the leader I am today.”