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Alexis Bennett


Some might say Alexis has always been ambitious. After working at McDonald’s for only a year, she was ready to take on a manager role, but just like college prerequisites, you have to take things one step at a time.

She became a shift manager when she was 18 and over the last 11 years, Alexis has moved up the ranks and established herself as a Supervisor.

Overseeing six locations, the Lane McDonald’s stores and its employees are like family to her. That’s why she works hard to make these stores run smoothly and successfully.

“This career can be for you, even if you have your doubts. I had my doubts and I did until until Joe Lane became supervisor of K42 and saw something in me. Without him seeing that, I’m not sure where I’d be today,” Alexis said. “He always says that his ‘ability to recognize talent is one of his strengths,’ which is most definitely the truth. He helped teach me what McDonald’s was really about: PEOPLE. Without our people we would have nothing; they are the ones that are in the restaurants day in and day out serving our guests and passing along their knowledge to our employees.”

And with the growth our organization has had in the last six months, Alexis is ready to get back to what she loves best.

“I’m ready to be back to normal and start working on developing our people,” Alexis said. “That is what makes us successful!”