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Arlene Hornback

General Manager, 4th Street, Hutchinson

After observing Arlene’s determination and knowledge, you may think she has worked for McDonald’s her entire life, when in fact she started in April 2012. Before coming to McDonald’s Arlene held many different jobs, including raising three children.


One thing is certain, Arlene is a hard worker. An introvert at heart, it’s being a general manager for the 4th Street McDonald’s in Hutchinson that brings her out of her shell.


“I love my team and my customers,” Arlene said. “I love the responsibility and I volunteer for everything. They know they can count on me.”


Preveious to McDonald’s, Arlene didn’t have experience working in fast food. The restaurant business was new to her. She jumped in and started soaking up knowledge like a sponge. From day one, Arlene has made this job her life and she is eager to learn more. She has already become an OTP2 and yearns for more. Every time Jim Fairchild, the director of operations, comes in, she asks him to teach her something new.


“He has been instrumental in everything I have accomplished,” Arlene said. “He makes you want to learn more and he has always been that way. I’m a hands-on learner so I appreciate him.”

Gary Martin, her supervisor, has also taught her a lot.

“I can’t keep up with that man sometimes when he does his figures,” Arlene said. “He is great and he knows his business.”

Arlene is also grateful to Supervisor Sherry Darnall because she lets her order her own uniforms and other various items. She is also proud that her restaurant is one of a few that consistently hosts Santa each year. Arlene and her assistant manager, Jennifer Weber, always dress up and make the restaurant feel very festive.

The modern decor, bright colors and open floor plan make it easier to make the restaurant welcoming all year long.


“I love my new lobby and my new freezer. It helped our sales a lot,” Arlene said. “The Lanes have been very good to me. They are extremely generous and are always there for their managers when they are in need.”