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Cindy Salazar

General Manager, Hydraulic and I-135

When Cindy Salazar and her husband were stationed in Wichita, KS, from Sacramento, CA, it wasn’t long before Cindy realized she couldn’t stay home while her husband worked. So she started walking, and found herself at the McDonald’s at Pawnee and Seneca.

It was 2011, and it wasn’t long before she moved to Kellogg and Dugan, where Joe Lane was the Supervisor and Ashley Hagan was the General Manager. She then worked as an Assistant Manager in Derby and Webb Rd. Then four months ago, she was promoted to General Manager and is currently working at the Hydraulic St. McDonald’s.

“For me, becoming a General Manager isn’t that different,” Cindy said. “Martha prepared me for that me. She mentally built me up to take on a lot more. She was a big help.”

Cindy’s focus is to continue building her team at Hydraulic St. and that means getting to know her staff better.

“I have to come in and get to know them on their level. Then I can learn what their strengths are and continue to build them up,” Cindy said. “That is one of my strengths — building relationships.”

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys playing soccer — a hobby she has been involved in since she was four. She also enjoys a good Zumba class and spending time with her family and friends.