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Erika Aguilar

General Manager, Douglas & Seneca

Erika Aguilar says the best part of Lane Enterprises purchasing the Douglas & Seneca is everything! As the General Manager, she has already seen the positive impact they have had in such a short time.

“This store has really turned around. We have developed a team here and our voice numbers and sales are doing great,” Erika said. “I attribute that to the support of Joe, Alexis and Irene. They make it easier to run the store, and I feel like I’m not alone. I can count on them 24/7.”

Erika started with McDonald’s in 2012 when she was 18 years old and became a crew trainer right away and was promoted to Assistant Manager within a year. She has been with the Douglas & Seneca location since July of 2017 and was at 21st and Amidon for four years before that.

Although there has been progress, Erika knows she can do more. She is continuing to work on growing sales, balancing labor and focusing on providing better customer service.

“I feel good about this store,” Erika said. “Even when the weather is bad and things are slow, I feel very encouraged because of the support I receive. The tools I have been given enable me to do the best I can every day.”