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Essa Mboob

General Manager, K42

Essa Mboob is one of the longest running employees Lane Enterprises has ever had, and yet he only recently decided to accept a promotion to General Manager.

Essa has worked for Lane Enterprises as an Assistant Manager at both West St. and Taft and K42 since 1991. That also makes him unique — few employees can say that they’ve only worked at two restaurants in 27 years of service.

“I can’t bounce around,” Essa said. “I started on Taft, then Tammy Glaze (who recently retired) brought me to help open K42 in 1996.”

That’s 22 years in one location! It’s clear to say that Essa loves his job, and with that depth of experience moving into a General Manager role was not difficult. Essa replaces Kathy Winchell, who moved to West & Taft after the passing of our beloved Tee Brown.

“Kathy is a great manager, and I’ve learned a lot from her,” Essa said. “We will improve whatever we can and try to do even better.”

Essa says he will continue to motivate the crew, provide good communication and excellent customer satisfaction.

“I am not a hands-off manager. The only time you’ll find me in the office is when I’m counting money,” Essa said. “I’m always at the front counter. I know customers’ orders as soon as they walk in the door, and they know my name. Many of my customers say I am the reason they visit this location even, if it’s out of their way.”