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Ibeth Quezada

General Manager, 21st & Amidon

Ibeth Quezada makes being a general manager look effortless. Perhaps that is why she was surprised to be awarded the prestigious Ray Kroc award; Because to her, she is simply doing her job.

Chosen globally from more than 36,000 restaurants, Ibeth is now in the top 1 percent of McDonald’s restaurant managers to be chosen from around the world. Named after McDonald’s Corporation founder, Ray Kroc, the award recognizes and rewards hardworking restaurant managers who deliver superior results in team performance and operational excellence.

Since joining McDonald’s in 2008, Ibeth has continuously moved up the ladder. In 2015, after the birth of her third child, she became the general manager at the Lane Enterprises seed store. In this role, she showed her true strengths and personality. As a general manager, Ibeth is quiet, kind and meticulous. She is the definition of a true leader and is the manager that others strive to be every day.

It was these characteristics that made Ibeth the ideal choice for a newly purchased restaurant. After purchasing several new McDonald’s from another owner/operator, Ibeth was moved from her 1st quintile restaurant to a 5th quintile. Ibeth quickly took charge of the restaurant, improving its cleanliness, building her team and implementing new procedures that had made her successful in the past. It took just over a year to move the restaurant into the 2nd quintile.

This is also reflected in her sales, which are up 7.97% year-to-date; in 2018 they were down 3.8%. Guest counts are up 1.04 % year-to-date over the previous year, which were down 7.55% in 2018. Her overall satisfaction scores went from 57.9% to 61.8% year-to-date, with a reduction in experience a problem (yes) from 18.5% to 9.4% year-to-date.

Ibeth never imagined herself as a general manager, which is part of the reason she doesn’t like her employees to call her “boss.” According to her, she is just the leader of the team. Ibeth empowers her team to do their best and that allows them to take ownership in their careers.

Leading by example, Ibeth teaches employees how to be kind and soft-spoken and always greet customers with a smile and warm hello. She has the skills and knowledge to give her employees, yet she is continuously working on growing her team and continuing to improve her voice, sales and OEPE.