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Irene Aguilar


At Lane Enterprises, the McDonald’s on K42 is the testing ground for most new General Managers.

It’s a busy store, with a loyal customer base that regularly order more food than other locations. It’s the restaurant that tested the skills of Irene Aguilar.

“K42 shows you what you need to be successful. Those customers are dedicated because it’s a more industrial area where they order more meals, rather than dollar menu items, so wait time and experiences are longer,” Irene said. “Every store has their challenges and that store is a great store to show you the ropes.”

Irene worked and received her Associates degree from Butler County Community College, after which she became a General Manager at K42. A year later she moved to South Seneca.

“After I graduated, Alexis and Joe asked me if I was looking for a career, so I decided to stay with McDonald’s,” Irene said. “Joe needed a supervisor, so Alexis got promoted and I became a General Manager.”

Irene served as a General Manager at South Seneca for two years and did an amazing job, leading to her promotion to Supervisor in December.

To Irene, having four stores under her management and working alongside Alexis was a natural step.

“I don’t feel like a lot has changed, because Alexis and I talk all the time anyway,” Irene said. “Being a supervisor opens up different scenarios for me to experience.”

Those different situations allow Irene to continue to grow into her new role, and she couldn’t be more excited.

“I am looking forward to seeing the growth in myself, the staff and the restaurants,” Irene said. “I am proud of where I am, where I’ve been, and where we are going to be. I have high hopes.”