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Karen Rice

General Manager, S. Broadway

If you are familiar with Karen Rice, it’s probably because you knew her from one of the many McDonald’s locations she has worked at over the last 27 years.

She didn’t intend on staying with McDonald’s that long. As a high-school student in 1991, all she really wanted was a part-time job to help with gas money. Turns out, she was pretty good at the job and became a swing manager at Pawnee & Seneca before she graduated high school. Karen worked for Bill Foshee, then Dale Carter before the Harry & Webb restaurant was purchased by Michael Lane.

To date, Karen has worked at nine different McDonald’s in Kansas. One of her biggest accomplishments happened at the McDonald’s inside Walmart, where she still holds the record of making it a $1 million-a-year restaurant. She credits her marketing abilities to its success.

“I created a coloring area for kids, handed out samples and be our guest cards to employees and customers throughout Walmart,” Karen said. “I even hosted Spiderman for kids to take their picture with.”

Her most recent home is at Midtown, in downtown Wichita. It’s quite a change from Derby, KS, but Karen says she has a great team and the customers keep it interesting. Beyond focusing on the traditional goals — drive thru times, food cost and labor — Karen says she excited about getting to know her employees better, the new digital menu boards that are arriving, and the 2020 lobby remodel.

“I have been to so many stores, so I am familiar with the getting-to-know you process,” Karen said. “Right now, I am still figuring out how everyone works, what their expectations are, and how I can meet them.”

When Karen started, McDonald’s didn’t have Extra Value meals, and she recalls some strange menu items, including corn dog nuggets. When Karen isn’t working, she is busy taking care of her six kids, whose ages range from 24 to 7 ½ years old.