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Kathy Winchell

General Manager at 13th & West St.

Hospitality is in Kathy Winchell’s blood. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and joined the Kings X family, where she called home for 17 years before leaving for Don’s Restaurant, where she served as a manager for 10 years.

In 2010, she joined the Lane Enterprises’ McDonald’s team and was made a General Manager after a couple of years. She served at 21st and Ridge, then K42, then West and Taft and finally took the helm of the 13th and West St. location.

“I love this store,” Kathy said. “I get to be around all types of people who are like family, and we have great managers here.”

Currently Kathy is working on building up her staff of managers and working on food safety awareness. Kathy said she loves working for owner/operator Joe Lane and Irene Aguilar, the supervisor for that location.

“I love them. They are straight forward and don’t sugar coat anything,” Kathy said. “I know where I stand with them and they are here for me and always ask me what I need to be successful. Honestly, I wish I had started at McDonald’s earlier. It’s a great company to work for.”

McDonald’s is also in her family. Cindy Salazar, the General Manager at Webb Road, is her daughter-in-law. When Kathy isn’t working, she is anxiously awaiting the birth of her granddaughter in June.