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Katie Yates

Office Assistant, Wichita office

There’s a new face and a new voice fielding the phone calls in Michael and Joe Lane’s downtown office. Katie Yates started part-time in October 2018 as assistant to Office Manager Melissa Brewer. So far, Katie says she loves it and is looking forward to going full time in April. 

“This office is laid back and the people feel like a family, rather than just co-workers,” Katie said. “You can talk work and about personal stuff, which is great. You can also work at your own pace.”

Katie has previously worked as a Director of a large daycare center in Goddard, and as an Assistant Manager at a children’s-based hair salon. Trading toddlers for an office job is a welcome change for Katie, although she prefers in-person conversations to answering and making phone calls.  

“I am a little shy, so that’s something that I am working on,” Katie said. “Otherwise, I feel good about working with Melissa. She is very helpful and always stops what she is doing to help me. I think we work really well together and I’m excited to start full-time.”