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Martha Avila


Our parents and our experiences shape who we are, and when your mom is a hard-working, single mother, you’re destined to be a successful woman.

For Lane Enterprises, that person is Martha Avila, who shares the same name as her mother. When Martha was 10 years old, she was witness to how hard her mom — and even her brother — worked at McDonald’s to support the family. Therefore, it was natural that Martha would gravitate towards McDonald’s, but when she was 17 years old, she never imagined she would be where she’s at today.

Martha worked at the Edgemoor St. location for two years and moved to 53rd and Meridian when her brother got transferred.

“Howard was the General Manager there, and he got the impression that I was a manager,” Martha said. “He is the one who got me into management. Even Robert Lane kept encouraging me to move up, but I wanted to stay in school.”

After college, Martha discovered that she had become familiar with management basics and saw that McDonald’s was a place where she could find a career.

Martha became a General Manager at South Rock, and made a name for herself in Derby, KS. Her exemplary service at Derby earned her a Supervisor position in December. Even though she was ready, going from one store to supervising four was a transition.

“I had a lot of mixed emotions because you don’t know what is coming your way, even though you know you’re willing to give 100 percent to whatever it is,” Martha said. “Seeing my mom struggle made me a better person, because I knew that I wanted to provide more for myself and for my future. I don’t put any limitations on myself.”

Martha is working on how to become a better leader, how to talk to people so they will respond accordingly, and generally working on becoming a better leader.

“The more that I develop myself, the better my stores will become because I will enrich my employees to do the best they can,” Martha said. “I am excited because I know that whatever comes at them, they can handle it.”

Martha has this positive attitude because of the support she has received from Lane Enterprises.

“I have worked for Michael Lane since I was a General Manager. I get along with Michael because I never expect anything but honesty from him,” Martha said. “I am very thankful for the Lanes because they gave me this opportunity and they believed in me. I always say, I work for Michael, not just McDonald’s. I can always go to him, because regardless of what’s going on he is my mentor, my friend and a father figure when I need advice. For that I am thankful.”