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Megan Heine

General Manager, Great Bend

Ten years ago, Megan Heine was watching the McDonald’s in Great Bend, KS, get demolished. Today, 20 years after she started at McDonald’s, she is looking forward to the possibilities that come with new owners.

Lane Enterprises purchased the restaurant in Great Bend and have already shown new employees like Megan what it means to be a Lane employee.

“They are a well-rounded group and I’m excited about the positive changes they are willing to make to help the store,” Megan said. “For me personally, it shows me that there’s room to grow my career and it’s helped my employees realize that there are opportunities for them to move up because they are a larger organization.”

Megan started at the restaurant when she was 18 years old and hasn’t looked back since. She loves the relationships she’s formed with the crew and the customers.

“It’s a fast-paced job,” Megan said. “But I like it because it’s a fun atmosphere and because it’s a small town, it’s like you’re around family.”

Megan is looking forward to getting back into the community and showing support to the area schools through McTeacher’s nights and various neighborhood events.

“I’m excited to bring Great Bend into the Lane family of restaurants,” owner/operator Bob Lane said. “This location is ideal for the kind of hometown, community-centered restaurant we aim to have in our organization.”