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Melissa Brewer

Lane Enterprises Office Manager, Wichita location

As we continue to expand the number of restaurants, so does the amount of behind the scenes work. Individuals like Diana White, the Office Manager, administrative assistant Samantha McDonald and all of the supervisors work countless hours taking care of the business side of McDonald’s. Their efforts should be commended, after all, there’s a lot of administrative, human resources and public relations efforts that go into managing 31 different businesses.

Recently, it became clear that it was time to get some help for these ladies and Melissa Brewer was hired as an Office Manager. Essentially, Melissa will be the Diana for Joe & Michael’s individual businesses.

“I’ve always loved office work because it is so versatile and every day is different,” Melissa said. “Eventually, I’d like to know all the people on the other end of the phone.”

As for Diana? She’s been training Melissa on everything from orientation, to e-verify and everything in between. Training will take some time, so Diana will keep everyone informed about an effective date for when Melissa will take on these responsibilities full time.

“It’s time to groom someone for the future,” Diana said. “But no, I’m not retiring!”