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Patricia & Nelson Spaulding

Patricia, retired & son, Nelson, Carriage Park GM

For Nelson Spaulding, working at McDonald’s was a natural step for him. He was passionate about McDonald’s because he knew that job put food on his table. He’s even defended it to his own detriment, getting sent to the principal while he was in High School because he spoke up in class when others said something about McDonald’s that he didn’t agree with. He got this passion from his mother, Patricia Spaulding, who has worked for McDonald’s for more than 19 years.

Patricia was originally a customer at the McDonald’s on Hydraulic, and became an employee around 1996, but quit the day before her third child was born. She spent over a year at home with her youngest child before she was convinced to come back and she’s been with the Lane’s ever since.

“I am very proud to work for the Lane’s. Even as an assistant they allowed me to make time for my family,” Patricia said. “As an assistant I scheduled my break time so I could go home and see the kids off to school. They have never made my job get in the way of my family and I have never had to compromise my integrity to do my job.”

It was Patricia’s experience with McDonald’s that made Nelson choose it for his career.

“I have always been exposed to it, so the ins-and-outs are a part of my life,” Nelson said. “Being here is a natural progression.”

Nelson, who works at the Carriage Park McDonald’s, said this is the perfect store for a new General Manager because it is a lower volume store and I am given the support and encouragement I need to be successful.”

For Patricia, she is excited that she has a second generation in the Lane organization.

“I anticipate he will have great success like I did. It’s nice that they see potential in him – and other youth – and I know he will go the distance to get some place with McDonald’s. “

Nelson agrees. “I am thankful to the Lane’s for hiring my mom so I could grow up in a great family, and now I can do the same for my family.”

Patricia retired in April 2019.