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Stephy Shutt


Finding a career that you love at the age of 16 isn’t typical, but neither is Stephy. This hard-working, go-getter has spent her career with Lane Enterprises, moving quickly up the ladder to General Manager at Winfield when it was still owned by Robert. It was a great opportunity, but one that Stephy wasn’t quite ready for. It was a few years later when Michael purchased the restaurant that she was ready to take on the General Manager role again.

“Michael really took the time to guide me, teach me and invest in me. I am a successful General Manager because he cared about my development and growth and still does,” Stephy said. “I definitely owe him a lot and I really don’t know if I would still be here if it wasn’t for that!

Because her stores are spread all over Kansas, from Anthony to Derby to Winfield, Stephy is always on the go. No two days are alike, and that plus the family-friendly environment, are two of the things she loves the most about her job. Whether she is coaching the crew or on her way to another store, Stephy is always looking inspire her staff like Michael did for her.

“I strive to develop all my people each and every day,” Stephy said. “Having someone you can turn too helps builds a partnership!”

Stephy is the Supervisor for Anthony, Ark City, Belle Plaine, Derby and Winfield.