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Tiphanie Veninga

General Manager, Pratt

There’s something to be said for recognizing what job is going to make you the happiest. For Tiphanie Garcia, it took a few years before she realized that McDonald’s — her first job — was the one for her.

Tiphanie, who started as the General Manager at our Kingman, KS, restaurant and now manages the Pratt, KS location, began working for McDonald’s in Mount Vernon, MO, when she was 16 years old. Tiphanie progressed quickly from crew to a shift manager, eventually becoming the General Manager. After a short time, she moved to Arizona, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and began working as a prison guard.

In 2013, Tiphanie moved back to Kansas and decided to make a shift away from law enforcement and found her way back to McDonald’s.

“The customer base is so much fun, you’ve got everything from kids to older adults. They make my day, and in turn they know their neighbors love them,” Tiphanie said. “This is not a job that I dread doing every day. Over the years I have realized McDonald’s is my calling.”

When the Lane’s took over ownership in mid-October, the restaurant immediately changed and even attracted the attention of new and previous customers.

“I have noticed former customers coming back in to see how things are since it went under new ownership, and they have noticed a difference because we are staffed better, which brings a higher quality product to our customers in a quick timeframe,” Tiphanie said. “It’s my goal to continue working on getting our customers back and ensure they are happy and satisfied when they leave.”

Personally, Tiphanie is thrilled about the new owner, especially the support she has received from Joe Lane, the Owner/Operator, and Supervisor Alexis Bennett.

“The amount of support I receive is wonderful. I have had nothing but good experiences and outcomes so far and I’m really looking forward to working for them,” Tiphanie said. “I can see their vision and help them achieve that vision. It makes my job easier knowing their expectations.”