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Lane Enterprises to build another McDonald’s, this time sans parade

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  • Lane Enterprises to build another McDonald’s, this time sans parade

  Feb 10, 2017   kmarlett

When McDonald’s franchisee Bob Lane opened one of his restaurants in Arkansas City in 1975, it was a huge deal not only for him but for the city, too.

There was a parade down the city’s main drag that went straight into the restaurant.
“The town just really got excited,” says Lane’s son, Michael.

He wasn’t even born then, but now it’s Michael Lane’s job to find a way to reopen the restaurant after it closes to be rebuilt.

The restaurant has had a number of remodels through the years, but it’s closing after business March 19 for new construction. That will include a dual drive-through, a PlayPlace and a more efficient kitchen.
“There’s just a lot of things that nowadays become much more efficient,” Michael Lane says. “The right thing to do is to completely start over.”
Though he’s probably going to contact the high school’s marching band about performing for the reopening, which will be about 90 days after construction starts, Lane says there will be a different approach this time instead of a parade.
Whereas last time the McDonald’s was new to the city, this time he says Lane Enterprises is already a part of the community.
He says he wants to find ways to reach out to local organizations that need help.
“I definitely want to make sure I’m including the community as best I can.”

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