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McDonald's at Central & Tyler to be demolished on Monday

Central & Tyler McDonald's to be rebuilt

  Mar 14, 2019   kmarlett

Those who frequent the intersection of Central and Tyler will see a dramatic sight when they drive by on Monday.

The longtime McDonald’s there will be demolished that day to make way for a modern upgrade, which is expected to be done by mid- to late-June.

Lane Enterprises, which owns the restaurant, will close it at 10 p.m. tonight. The rebuilt McDonald’s will have a state-of-the-art kitchen design, and the dining room will have a modern wood and stone decor. Lane Enterprises, which owns 40 McDonald’s in the area, is encouraging Westlink diners to visit the McDonald’s restaurants and Kellogg and Dugan or at 21st and Ridge in the meantime.

Also, the company recently completed a makeover of the McDonald’s at Douglas and Seneca, which now has a modern new PlayPlace, an upgraded lobby and an all-new exterior look.

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