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Two Wichita neighborhoods will do without their McDonald’s during remodel, rebuild.

Central & Tyler will close on March 14th at 10 p.m. and will be rebuilt.

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  • Two Wichita neighborhoods will do without their McDonald’s during remodel, rebuild.

  Mar 11, 2019   kmarlett

Nearly every Wichita neighborhood has a McDonald’s that it calls its own. 

But two Wichita neighborhoods — Delano and Westlink — are going to have to do without all or part of their McDonald’s over the next several months as the restaurants get makeovers.

Work is already underway at the McDonald’s at Douglas and Seneca, where the drive-through is closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and where passersby can see the equipment at the PlayPlace being torn out.

That McDonald’s is getting a facelift that will result in a more modern look, said Joe Lane of Lane Enterprises, which owns 40 McDonald’s in the area. Last year, Lane Enterprises rebuilt a few stores, including restaurants in El Dorado, Pratt and Arkansas City, and remodeled several more, including the ones at 13th and West, at Central and Hillside and at 53rd and Meridian. McDonald’s goal is to have all its stores modernized by 2020, Lane said.

The remodel of the Douglas and Seneca McDonald’s should be done by late February or early March, Lane said. It includes installing a new, more-modern set of equipment in the PlayPlace and doing work on its skinny and precarious drive-through lane.

For now, the drive-through is closed during the day while workers redo it — although in about a week, Lane said, he hopes to open it during some lunch rushes. Soon, he’ll also have to close down the dining room for a couple of weeks, but he hopes to have the drive-through functional again by then.

The work at the Central and Tyler McDonald’s will be much more dramatic and is slated to start in early March, he said. That building will be completely demolished and a new one will be built in its place, Lane said. He hopes to have that project done by June.

The new Central and Tyler store will have a design unlike any other in the Wichita area, Lane said. It will have a high-tech kitchen design, and the dining room will be built with a wood-and-stone look. 

“It’ll have the latest and greatest everything,” he said

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